Funding Priorities


Cash Scanlon Phillips Foundation baby graphicAdoption Assistance

With the cost of adoption often exceeding $30,000, many families suffer financial ruin in the journey toward parenthood.  We provide qualified couples and individuals in the state of Colorado with financial assistance to offset the cost of adoption.  Without regard to race, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation, we help families overcome the financial hurtles of adoption so that they may unite with a child in need.

Do you need financial assistance to adopt a child?  If you have a complete certified home study that has been approved by a qualified agency or licensed professional in Colorado, contact us today.



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Children's Health & Wellness

We make financial awards to charitable organizations in the state of Colorado that are directly involved in improving health and wellness for children.  We provide unrestricted gifts to nonprofits like Children's Hospital Foundation that share our mission of improving quality of life for all children.  

If you are a Colorado children's charity seeking grant funding, contact us today.